Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White gold earrings: The ‘In’ Thing

White gold earrings are the latest addition to the jewelry boxes of women. White gold jewelry is extremely trendy and fashionable. It is especially popular amongst the youngsters.

A huge variety of white gold earrings are available in the market today. They are available in many different sizes and shapes. Their designs range from small stud earrings to heavy hoop earrings. The hoop earrings are one of the most popular designs of white gold earrings.

White gold goes very well with diamond as well, and the grand look makes diamond studded white gold earrings very popular.

White gold earrings easily go well with all outfits. They can be work both with traditional and modern dresses. White gold earrings look very hip with jeans and that casual wear look. White gold earrings can be complimented a white gold necklace or a white gold bracelet. The combination looks truly amazing.

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