Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Comparison between White gold earrings, Traditional Gold Earrings & Platinum Jewelry

White gold earrings are elegant and attractive. They have now become more popular than the traditional yellow gold earrings among the youth. The basic difference between white gold earrings and the traditional yellow gold earrings is only the colour of the earrings. Traditional gold earrings tend to be slightly more expensive than white gold earrings.

White gold jewelry looks very similar to platinum jewelry. Of course white gold is much cheaper than platinum, hence white gold jewelry falls cheaper than platinum jewelry.

White gold alloys are a good way of imitating platinum. However there are some drawbacks to some recipes of white gold that contain nickel. Some people have allergic reactions to nickel that can cause skin irritation and swelling. Also you may need do a re-coat of Rhodium once a year a white gold tends to lose its shine and coating exposing dull yellow gold underneath.

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