Thursday, April 15, 2010

White Gold Hoop Earrings

White Gold Hoop Earrings-Loops of Style!

How many times have you felt like making a fashion statement in front of your friends, colleagues and relatives at a party or formal get together? Loads of times, I guess. Now which is the best tool in the hands of women to flaunt their unique style and exquisite taste? It is but obvious Jewellery! Women have been known for their fascination with jewels especially adorned in gold. Lately, the trend has been changing and you will find the white gold jewellery as the modern avatar of traditional gold jewellery a much popular item. Beating all the other jewellery ornaments in popularity charts are white gold earrings which add beauty in your persona. The Hoop style earrings or more commonly known as White Gold Hoop Earrings are the current hot favourite amongst women of all ages.

If you look at the jewellery collection of your mothers and grandmothers then you will firmly notice the presence of one item i.e. hoop gold earrings. They have now taken the form of the new chic hoop white gold earrings which is registering its presence on a global level. Available in all the latest designs and patterns like twist hoops, spiral, hexagon, etc. these hoop earrings can also be ordered in custom made pair for yourself or your beloved. It would be the perfect anniversary or birthday gift for that special woman in your life. Mostly you will find these ring shaped white gold earrings either in polished finish or studded with gemstones like diamonds, emerald, turquoise, rubies or cubic zirconia.

Choose a small, medium, large or an extra large pair of white gold hoop earring to add character to your attire and create a ripple with your new look!

Here are some of the examples for these charming White Gold Hoop Earrings

14K White Gold 2MM Hoop Earrings

Substance- White Gold
Finish- Polished
Karat- 14K
Height- 53mm
Width- 2mm
Weight- 5 gram

14K White Gold Twist Hoops

Substance- White Gold
Finish- Satin
Width- 24mm
Weight- 1.4 gram

Spiral Hoops

Substance- White Gold
Finish- Polished
Height- 25mm
Width- 3mm
Weight- 2.0 gram

Emerald and Diamond Hoops

Substance-White Gold
Finish- Polished
Height- 17mm
Width- 2mm
Weight- 2 gram

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White Gold Earrings

White gold earrings are very beautiful and are extensively used in recent few years. They look similar to platinum or silver earrings and have a very grand appeal to them. If you looking to get a new pair of earrings and are undecided between the classical gold and silver, white gold earrings are the ones that you should go for. They are made of gold and have a look like silver.

This site gives you all the advice that you need before purchasing white gold earrings.

White Gold Leverback Earrings

White Gold Leverback Earrings are one of the most popular types of white gold earrings. Not only sturdy and easy to wear, they are also very fashionable and trendy. White gold Leverback earrings are available in a number of appealing designs. Be it stones, diamonds or cubic zirconia, white gold leverback earrings look amazing with each of them.

Some examples of White Gold Earrings in leverback style

Left: 14k White Gold Diamond Leverback Earrings

Right: White Gold Diamond Leverback Earrings in Floral Design

Left: Pear Shaped Aquamarine 14K White Gold Leverback Earrings

Right: Pink Kunzite 14K White Gold Leverback Earrings

Left: Blue Topaz 14K White Gold Leverback Earrings

Different Types of White Gold Earrings

There is great variety available in white gold earrings. Here are few examples of different kinds of white gold earrings.

White Gold Drop Earrings

Designs that dangle below the earlobe

On the Right:
Example of a 9k white gold drop earring in pink quartz diamond stone

On the left:
Example of a 14k white gold chandelier earring

On the right: Example of a 14k white gold cross earring

On the left: Example of an 18k white gold diamond drop earring

White Gold Stud Earrings

Earrings that feature a post backing

White gold stud earrings are the best option if you like very light jewelry and want small attractive earrings. In fact, white gold stud earrings are not only popular amongst women but have also found their following amongst men. A lot of men today like to wear white gold stud earrings.

On the left
: Example of a 14k white gold diamond stud earring

On the right: Example of an 18k white gold stud earring for men

On the left: Example of a 14k white gold heart earring

On the right: Example of a 9k Pink Amethyst white gold earring

White Gold Hoop Earrings

Earrings with a circular design going from the front to the back of the earlobe

Hoop earrings have been used by millions of women for a long time now. White gold hoop earrings chick, trendy & fashionable and are becoming more and more popular now.

On the right
: Example of a 14k white gold hoop earring (diamond hinged)

On the left: Example of a 18k white gold diamond hoop earring

Tips for Purchasing White gold earrings

Before buying a pair of white gold earrings, one must be certain about few things. Firstly thing is that one should be certain about the carat which you are intending to buy. 24k is the most pure Gold, but it is very soft and may not have a long life and hence is not recommended. 18k is the next available carat, it is elegant and strong and is suitable for items like rings earrings and all. 14K is also available; it is very strong and elegant and has decent amount of gold in it.

The most important thing to be noted which purchasing a pair of white gold earrings is that lower the carat, lower the amount of gold it contains or in other words less pure the white gold earrings is. Also the lower the carat, stronger the white gold earrings are. So while deciding which white gold earrings to purchase, you must take into consideration the strength and the quantity of Gold it contains. 18K and 14K are the most advised and preferred ones as they have both purity and strength.

Another thing which should be considered is that which metal is used with Gold. Nickel may be allergic for few people and palladium overcoat must be refinished every 1-2 years to keeps its appearance as white gold.

Comparison between White gold earrings, Traditional Gold Earrings & Platinum Jewelry

White gold earrings are elegant and attractive. They have now become more popular than the traditional yellow gold earrings among the youth. The basic difference between white gold earrings and the traditional yellow gold earrings is only the colour of the earrings. Traditional gold earrings tend to be slightly more expensive than white gold earrings.

White gold jewelry looks very similar to platinum jewelry. Of course white gold is much cheaper than platinum, hence white gold jewelry falls cheaper than platinum jewelry.

White gold alloys are a good way of imitating platinum. However there are some drawbacks to some recipes of white gold that contain nickel. Some people have allergic reactions to nickel that can cause skin irritation and swelling. Also you may need do a re-coat of Rhodium once a year a white gold tends to lose its shine and coating exposing dull yellow gold underneath.

What are white gold earrings and how are they made?

Yellow is the color of pure gold. It can also appear in different colors by alloying it with some other element. White gold is obtained by alloying it with a white metal like nickel, palladium etc. White gold earrings are nothing but earrings that have been made by regular Gold which is alloyed with white metals like Nickel, Palladium, or Rhodium.

White gold earrings are very often used, because of their looks. They are mostly available in drop, hoop or stud models. They cost anything from 20 dollars to 1000’s of dollars depending on the quality.

White gold earrings are measured in carats or karats as the regular Gold earrings. The only difference between them and regular gold earrings is in their appearance. The alloying metal and its proportion will decide the property of the white gold earrings.

White gold earrings with Rhodium are most used. Rhodium plating gives the earrings the beautiful white coloring that makes them look lovely. White gold earrings made of Nickel are nice, hard and strong. Copper is used to improve the ductility of white gold jewelry.

Nickel alloy may be allergic for few people when worn over a long period of time. About one person in 8 may be allergic. Alloys of gold without nickel are less allergic.

White gold earrings sometimes tend to lose shine. However they can be easily polished by your jeweler, who will redo the Rhodium plating on the earrings and restore the original shine of white gold.